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1.   "I want a proofreading quotation"
2.   "I want good perfect English"
3.   "I want a good price"

PRS Proofreading can help with all 3 of these requests
as we offer

Fast Proofreading Quotations Good Perfect English A Very Good Price

PRS Proofreading Offers Many Professional English Services

  Proofreading Quotations  ★  Good Perfect English ★  A Very Good Price 
★  Friendly Helpful Office Staff  Knowledgeable Editors & Proofreaders 
  Correcting English Writing  ★  American English Editing  ★  British English Editing 
  Scientific Manuscript Quotations  ★  Scientific Manuscript Proofreading 
  Scientific Manuscript Editing  ★  Scientific Manuscript Revision 
  Thesis Editing & Proofreading  ★  Master's Dissertation Proofreading 
  Manuscript Proofreading  ★  Proofreading Scientific Articles 
  Proofreading Academic Articles    Proofreading University Faculty Work 
  Proofreading ESL Learning Exercises  ★  Proofreading Novels & Scientific Books 
  Proofreading Oral Presentations    Proofreading Website Content 

★  All of this at a very reasonable and affordable cost 


Scientific Manuscripts & Academic Articles are often returned or rejected
by the Publishers and the Editors of Journals
for badly written English that contains language errors.

There is no reason for this to happen.

PRS has Professional Native English Editors and Proofreaders from the UK & the USA
to ensure that your Manuscript is ready for submission to a Publisher or an Instructor.

PRS Proofreading

revises, edits & corrects Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Terminology
and Jargon, Timelines and Semantics (meanings) and English Writing Mistakes & Errors

PRS copy edits and proofreads your manuscript, your document and your writing,
before submission to a Scientific Journal, an Academic Magazine, a Publisher,
a Supervisor, a Senior Affiliate, a Website, or an Instructor.

PRS Proofreading

Helps Authors With Important Scientific Manuscripts, Academic Articles & Theses

~   From Every Country In The World   ~


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The English language has become the professionally recognised standard 
for communicating with customers and clients and people all over the world. 
Business and learning are now being conducted internationally.

Whether it is writing business correspondence, reports, emails, documents, brochures, handouts, posters, website content, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, advertisements, press releases, magazine articles, technical manuals, scientific manuscripts, scientific journals, user guides, exercises for school, university essays, a thesis, a CV (Curriculum Vitae), direct mail, human resources, employee recruitment, language testing, staffing evaluation, or any other kind of text,

Can you really allow it to be viewed
if it contains basic and fundamental mistakes and errors?

PRS Proofreading conducts editing services, English editing, copy editing, English proofreading, academic editing, proofreading documents & text, manuscript editing, copy editing services,
English editing services, scientific proofreading, as well as all proofreading services,
with a fast turnaround and in a professional 100% secure and reliable manner.

PRS Proofreading meets the growing demand
for English Language Copy Editing and Proofreading Services
for Scientists, Academics and Research People from all around the world.

PRS offers a Scientific Editing Service and a Manuscript Editing Service for Authors and their Manuscripts, before their Submission to Scientific & Academic Journals and Magazines.  

PRS helps with their Manuscript Submissions,
in order to achieve a Publication in Scientific and Academic Journals and Magazines.

PRS currently helps many International Authors and Clients
across the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America
and the many countries within.

PRS Proofreading provides Professional Proofreading Services
exclusively for Professors (PhD), Master of Arts (M.A.) Graduates
and Master of Science
Authors (M.S., MSc, M.Si., or M.C.A.)
that are either course-based, research-based, or a mixture of the two,
together with all Lecturers, Post-Doctoral Researchers, Research Students and Thesis Writers,
as well as Professional Speakers and ESL learners of the English language.

"Wonderful work! Thank you for your assistance with my many writing problems" (Abigail, Lima, Perú, 25 February 2019). "Good job! Thank you!" (Raquel, São Paulo, Brasil, 18 February 2019). “Thank you so much for your quick revision. My manuscript has been accepted for the journal. I will use you again in the future - thank you”  姓名,上海, 中國 (Zing Ming, 11 February 2019)."Thank you for your wonderful and meticulous work" - (Silvia, São Paulo, Brasil, 29 January 2019). "Thank you so much, the journal accepted my latest article" (Miss Aiko, Osaka, Japan, 28 January 2019). "Thank you for your good proofreading. You have assisted my submission to the journal" (Jaqui, Córdoba, Argentina, 19 January 2019). “You have helped me so much with my new article, I will tell my colleagues about you” (Léonie, Graz, Austria, 15 January 2019). "Thank you, thank you, my manuscript looks and reads great now" (María Guadalupe, Guadalajara, Los Méjico, 07 January 2019). "Thank you, excellent work as usual" (Oleksander, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 29 December 2018). "Your proofreading service is very quick and I will come again soon, you helped me out before xmas when it was urgent" (João, Recife, Brazil, 23 December 2018). "Thank you for your proofreading, my manuscript reads much better" (Aimée, Lyon, La France, 13 December 2018). "You are just brilliant - thank you so much for proofreading my article" (Jaqui, Lima, Peru, 05 December 2018). "Thank you for your proofreading" (Billie, Guadalajara, Mexico, 23 November 2018). "The journal accepted my article, thank you so much" (Nita, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 08 November 2018).


Helping You To Write Perfect English
The Complete Service for Proofreading, Copy Editing and Correcting English Writing

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